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Following photos were taken October 9 at the U/HR Meet at BCSP.

Bill Gambogi, ex-coach (CC)          Jim Walsh, SE coach          Mark Brindle, HA coach

George Leidy, St. Edmond's coach, and JV boys

Jude Szczerba, SMM coach, and JV boys (from the left, John Mascioli, Michael  Walsh, Frankie Marazzo, Chris Walton, and Bobby O'Brien)

Jack Manlove (Ursuline coach) and Lou Olivere (CYM XC Coordinator)

Theresa Lord (HR coach)                              Dan Frydrych (CC coach) and JV

Jim Blount (ex-coach for St. Matthew's)                               Steve Jenkins (Asst. Coach for SEd)

Jacob Carter (HC), way out in front

Leading, Courtney Schweizer (HA), followed by Megan Northshield (HC) and Emily Frydrych (CC).
Photos by Dick Narvaez


Following photos taken 10/23 at SBJ Meet at Carousel Park.

Mary Nardo, SJB coach, Meet Director

 First portion of varsity girl's race.

Start of varsity boy's race.

Following photos from JHS Championships held 11/6/04:

Trophy winners (from left to right: first through fifth places):
Girls: Schweizer, Scalia, Kibbelhouse, Madden, and Donahue.

Boys: Oja, Buckley, Fasullo, Morrin, and Haley.
All photos by R. Narvaez

Last edited 11/29/06