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1991 SMM

Left to right, standing: Coach Dick Narvaez, Jeff Chapman, Franco Maglione, Mike Siefring, Joey Naccarato, Coach Tom Dueber,

Brian Blessing, Mike Koenig, Brian Winchell, Felipe Topa, James Hendrickson, Richard Siefring, Jamie Fox, Ian Monigle,

Keith Trost, Jude Sczcerba, Alison Taylor, Kelly Narvaez, Fr. Bill Graney, Adrienne Carver, Erin Radel, Jenny Dueber, and

Coach Tina Primiani.  Kneeling: Eric Olson, Timmy Ossman, Carlo Maglione, Brian Schlegel, Paul Dailey, Kevin Narvaez,

Andy Ferrario, Coach Tom Taylor, Colleen Lawruck, Laura Ford, Christy Dueber, Alison Hamilton, and Jenny Barnett.

Not present: Anne and Christine Marini.

1991 Accomplishments: CYO Boys Champion and Girls Runner-up, JHS Boys Champion and Girls Runner-up.