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1990 SMM

Back row: Coach Dick Narvaez, Franco Maglione, Richard Siefring, John Dueber, James Hendrickson, Kelly Narvaez,

Jenny Dueber, Erin Radel and Assistant Coach Tina Primiani.

Middle row: Felipe Topa, Jude Szczerba, Aniello Maglione, Alison Hamilton, Laura Ford, Adrienne Carver, and

Vincent Eucalano. Front row: Kevin Narvaez, Mike Siefring,  Jake Maurer, Jenny Barnett, and Christy Dueber.

Missing: Eric Olson, Keith Trost, Jeff Chapman, Francisco Topa, Mary Kate Trost, and Assistant Coaches Tom Dueber,

and Bob Zagursky.

Accomplishments: CYO Boys and Girls Champions.