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Delaware Youth Cross Country


This site is dedicated to the youthful cross country runners in Delaware, their coaches and their parents.

Here you will find important messages, announcements, schedules, results, and links.



The 2013 XC season of the Delaware CYO/CYM is its 25th, and will be posted on sites CYM and 2013 when available

Prompt posting of XC results depends on prompt submission of data from meet officials

If other organizations hosting youth XC events would like to be included in this site, send key information to R. Narvaez,



Selected XC Web Sites

XC Home


2013 Results 2013
2012 Results 2012
2011 Results 2011

2010 Results


2009 Results 2009
2008 Results 2008

2007 Results


2006 Results

2005 Results

2004 Results

2003 Results

2002 Results

2001 Results

2000 and up Highlights

1989 to 1999 Highlights


Course Maps


CDOW Youth Services/Athletics

New Castle County Coaches' Cross Country and Track Association



Team/School Codes




AS: All Saints Catholic School CRJH: Caesar Rodney JHS

CC: Corpus Christi

Ind: Independence School

Bay: Bayard

COC: Christ Our King

NCh: Newark Charter School

CRJH: Caesar Rodney JHS

PCC: Pike Creek Christian

Cecil: Cecil

CTT: Christ the Teacher

RLC: Red Lion Christian

Chip: Chipman JHS

HA: Holy Angels

SAE - St. Anne's Episcopal

Fifer: Fifer Middle School

HC: Holy Cross

SEAS: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

For: Forwood JHS

HR: Holy Rosary

SJA: St. Joseph's, Aston

GR: George Read

IC Immaculate Conception

WC: Wilmington Christian

GVE: Garnett Valley Elementary
IHM: Immac. Heart of Mary

JBM: John Bennett Moore

OLF: Our Lady of Fatima

Mil: Milford Middle School

SAnth: St. Anthony

Post: Postlewait Middle School

SE: St. Elizabeth

Red: Redding Middle School

SEd: St. Edmond's Acad.

Seaf: Seaford JHS

SH: St. Hedwig


Shue: Shue-Medill Middle Sch.

SJB: St. John the Beloved

SS: Seashore Striders

Smy: Smyrna JHS

SMat: St. Matthew's

SJRS: South Jersey Rising Stars

Spr: Springer JHS

SMM: St. Mary Magdalen

Stan: Stanton JHS

ST: St. Thomas

Tal: Talley JHS

UA: Ursuline Academy

Tome: Tome

Participation of CYM teams with other divisions is on an OPEN basis.

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