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Brandywine Springs
2004 course
2002, 2003 Course Description:
The JV and Varsity races both start in the outfield of the baseball fields, near to the right-field foul line of the baseball diamond further from the parking lot (green line on map).  The course crosses the outfield of the baseball field and enters the gravel road to the left of the large pavilion. Continue along the gravel road (blue line on map), exiting near the playground (at the sign), and pass between the playground and basketball court.  Continue straight, keeping to the right of the large trees (parallel to Route 34) and turn sharply left at the top of the line of small pine trees that runs parallel to Route 41.  Continue down the hill between the row of small pine trees on the left and larger trees on the right (parallel to Route 41).  Near the bottom, bear to the left at the park sign, keeping the sign to your left, and follow the path.  Continue straight along the path at the bottom to the second major path on the left.  This is VARSITY HILL.  Both JV and Varsity runners will go up this hill!  Varsity runners make a left at the top of the hill (yellow circle on map) and get back on the gravel road for a second loop.  JV runners and VARSITY runners (on their second loop) bear to the right at the top of the hill and run around the pavilion, keeping it to the left (red line on map).  At the back of the pavilion, turn sharply to the left and run parallel to the woods on the right.  At the line of trees directly ahead, make a sharp left at the tree with the blue blaze.  Run up the hill, bearing to the right to follow the path between the line of pine trees.  Near the end of this line of trees, turn sharply to the left and run straight to the finish line, which is approximately 60 meters from the line of trees.
   JV course is 1.0 mile = Green start + blue loop + red finish
   Varsity course is 1.8 miles = Green start + 2 blue loops + red finish

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