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Carousel Park  - 2
2002, 2003 JHS meet using Dickinson HS XC Course - 2.17 Miles

1 Mile mark at parking lot, even with sign on far side of lot.

Course Description:
Start at Softball backstop in field behind school, between the building wings.  Stay to right of baseball field and go through the gap in the fence.  Turn left and follow trail to the end.  Turn right on road, then left across the bridge.  Follow road up the hill and through the gap in the woods.  Follow woodchip trail to the parking lot.  The 1 mile mark is at the parking lot, even with the park sign on the far side of the lot.  Turn right on dirt trail and follow through the gap in the woods. Run the perimeter of Strawberry Fields, keeping the woods on your left and the fields on your right.  Course stays within 10 yards of the woods.  Trail turns left at arrow sign, but course continues along edge of woods.  Turn left at dirt road and retrace to start-finish line at the school.


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